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Is there meaning to be found in the concrete jungle? Yes! Cities are not made of stone and brick and asphalt alone. They have emotions, histories, and complex networks of relationships. And yet, most people see only the tall buildings and crowded streets.

The Urban Ethnographer invites you to visit weekly and see urban spaces in a new light--in terms of the way the past has shaped the present, and the way our relationships with each other colors our experiences. While content primarily focuses on the New York City metropolitan area, the ideas presented are meant to invite reader to compare their own urban--and non-urban--experiences.

Krystal D'Costa is an anthropologist working in the digital media field in New York City. Her interests include communication, identities, technology, immigrants, time, and the relationships that make up daily life. She has written extensively about these topics for a variety of sources. She is also a big fan of the New York Mets and occasionally blogs about baseball. You can also find her at Anthropology in Practice and on Twitter @krystaldcosta.

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